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2017 Ethical, moral and other aspects related to fertility preservation in cancer patients.
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2017 Controversies about fertility and pregnancy issues in young breast cancer patients: current state of the art.
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2017 Timing should no longer be an obstacle to oocyte cryopreservation in patients with cancer.
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2017 The positive effect of a dedicated adolescent and young adult fertility program on the rates of documentation of therapy-associated infertility risk and fertility preservation options.
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2016 The challenge of fertility preservation in cancer patients II: a themed issue of Future Oncology.
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2016 Can we improve referrals for fertility preservation? Evolution of practices after the creation of a fertility network.
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2016 The challenge of fertility preservation in cancer patients: a special focus issue from Future Oncology.
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2016 Mature Oocyte Cryopreservation for Fertility Preservation.
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2015 Vitrification : Principles and results
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2014  Ovarian response to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in women with cancer is as expected according to an age-specific nomogram.
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